About the Magazine

Forward We Go is an educational English magazine published by Mahdia English Language Association. It essentially aims to contribute to the development of English language learning and teaching in Tunisia. Therefore, the magazine strives to grab the interest of English teachers, inspectors, students, administrators, parents and passionate writers. Promoting English language in the country through theory, practice and the integration of ICT is increasingly the focus of the magazine. Building a language community around the magazine through trust, commitment and professionalism is another substantial purpose. The ultimate objective of the magazine is empowering the language skills and boosting intercultural communication.

Forward We Go provides a vast space for contributors to share their academic papers, creative works, reports, experiences, stories, exams, games and any other subject related to English language learning and teaching. That’s why the magazine team invites you to publish your writings and join the production hive.

Ezzedine Ammar, an acclaimed Tunisian EFL inspector and founder of the magazine had long believed in this publication saying: “keep the candle burning… keep the dream growing.” The magazine stakeholders strongly share this slogan and promise to make the publication grow and flourish with knowledge and hard work. In this vein, The MELA executive board is really keen on reforming the 2019 Forward We Go magazine so as to provide readers with a reliable educational document:

  1. Peer review.
  2. Clear and purposeful content.
  3. Grabbing both teachers and pupils’ interest.
  4. Attractive and inspirational design.


Deadline for submissions: March 1st, 2019
Submission guidelines:

  • Fill in the submission form properly.
  • Upon completion, your work will be peer reviewed by members of the editorial review board.
  • Notifications of acceptance will be sent on the 25th of March, 2019.

In the magazine:

  • We only accept appropriate content.
  • We encourage innovative pieces of writing and creative works.
  • We do not accept internet staff unless you cite the source.

It is worth noting that these measures are taken for the sake of credibility, accuracy and precision. It goes without saying that the magazine is open to contributors from both Tunisia and abroad. The magazine contains various sections that suit different needs and interest. More than that, suggestions, advice and comments are always welcome.

Please feel free to join the magazine team and contribute to the success of the publication.

Magazine Information

Magazine    Forward We Go
Founder      Ezzedine Ammar
Language    English
First issue  2002
Category    Annual educational magazine
Focus         EFL/ ELT
Publisher   Mahdia English Language Association (MELA)
Country     Tunisia

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