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This website is a modest attempt to open a space for sharing and learning to all the people involved in and interested by the teaching of English worldwide. It is addressed in particular to the secondary school practitioners, teachers and pupils alike. It focuses mainly but not exclusively on pedagogical matters and often reflects views from a Tunisian perspective.We hope you find the material interesting and thought provoking. Remember, the more we share the more we learn, so let this space be yours not only to look for possible guidance and help, but also to openly voice out your views, and to develop a partnership with other educators and learners all over the country and worldwide. Let us all take this chance to grow as individuals and as professionals for there is nothing like sharing and life long learning.

  • Enhancing long-distance learning using communication technologies throughout the area of Mahdia.
  • Exchanging ideas, skills and audio visual materials between teachers in order to acquire new teaching methods through the implementation of I.C.T. and multimedia technologies.
  • Holding training sessions about using the Internet and Communication Technologies in Teaching English Language to enhance the methods of English Language learning and teaching.
  • Organizing an Exhibition of pupils’ production (researches, essays, short stories, poems and project works) through competitions between classes and schools.
  • Encouraging English teachers to keep up-to-date with new developments in the field of I.C.T.
Sami Grayaa

Sami Grayaa


- English Teacher.
- Web developer.
- Technology enthusiast.

Ezzeddine Ammar

Ezzeddine Ammar

Secretary General

- The association's founding father.
- Retired English Language Inspector.

Ramzi Smida

Ramzi Smida


- English Teacher.
- President of MELA (2014 - 2018)

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MELA Event

Gateway to the 9eme

MELA event “Gateway to the 9eme”, it took place on Sunday in Sidi Alouane, Ksour Essef and Eljem prep. Schools… It was great! Special thanks are due to MELA dedicated members and great teachers who Read more…


General Meeting (May 24th, 2015)

The bellow mentioned meeting took place this morning with the presence of MELA president Mr. Ramzi Smida, MELA honorary president Mr. Ezzeddine Ammar and other MELA members namely Mr. Adel Ferjani, Mr. Thamer Aloui, Mr. Read more…