About us

MELA stands for Mahdia English Language Association. It is a Tunisian educational association founded in 2006 by Mr. Ezzeddine Ammar, an EFL inspector and an acclaimed expert in the field of ELT. The founding members initially started working on a regional level, and major activities were held in the area of Mahdia. Since 2012, however, MELA have been looking forward to working with national partners (associations, organizations, universities, schools, volunteers etc.) and sharing its perspective about education reform in the country.

MELA key interest revolves around the development of teaching English language in Tunisia. It envisions better teaching environments and greater opportunities for teachers and students alike. MELA basically works on:

  • Fostering love and passion for English language.

  • Creating opportunities and improving the relationship between the teacher and the learner, at all levels.

  • Enhancing the use of information communication technology (ICT) in the learning process.

  • Empowering English teachers’ digital literacy.

  • Supporting learners outside the classroom.

  • Exchanging ideas, skills and materials.

  • Organizing training sessions, workshops and conferences.

  • Organizing extra-curricular activities for learners to enhance creativity and learning outside classroom environments.

  • Encouraging creative teaching methods.

  • Boosting intercultural exchanges and promoting global cooperation.

  • Publishing “Forward We Go”, our annual English language magazine.

MELA website is an open cyberspace conceived by MELA Executive Board for those who are interested in English language teaching and learning. Actually, it contains appropriate teaching materials (ESL printable, articles, classroom games, official documents, etc.) and provides visitors with the latest news about the association’s activities. It also enables them to keep up-to-date with recent developments in the field of EFL.

We have been keen on designing a user friendly website so as to ensure easy access and quick response. However, mistakes may happen and if you would like to correct or update any of the information, please ‘contact us’. The slogan of the website is “THE MORE WE SHARE THE MORE WE LEARN”. Therefore, adherents of English language from Tunisia and abroad are kindly invited to contribute to the accomplishment of the aforementioned objectives.

If you share the same beliefs and interests with us, please feel free to join us and become a MELA member.

Sami Grayaa


- English Teacher.
- Web developer.
- Technology enthusiast.
- Open Source advocate.

Mehdi Fodha

Vice president

- English Teacher.
- Forward We Go Editor

Yassine Sfar

Secretary General

- Headmaster of Ezzahra Prep School
- Former Teacher Trainer

Chafik Bannour

Vice Secretary General

- English Teacher.
- One of the founding members.
- Interested in translation.

Ramzi Smida


- MELA former president (2014 - 2018)
- Pioneer English teacher
- IT trainer (2004-2012)
- Forward We Go editor (2002-2015)

Mohammed Jaffel

ELT Associations Coordinator

- English Teacher

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